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Inspiration is coming few and far between with these projects, but when I do get the urge to work on them I make pretty good strides towards my end goal.

I worked on the game a little bit yesterday, I got the main game structure working, with statuses to tell you what part of the game you are in, which is all part of the games flow. The next step is to import all of the question and answer data into the game itself. I already have code written that takes the HTML files from J! Archive  and parses the data. Right now i’d say I’m about 40% complete.


Ideas for the game:
Have a random game load or choose one yourself, maybe by number, maybe by a menu with a list of all of the games?
Ken Jennings challenge mode: Play all of the games that Ken Jennings did, see if you can beat his dollar or game record.

Well, it’s lunch time at work, more to come later!


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