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Update on the Jeopardy Project.

I’ve made a bit of progress since last posting about a month ago. I have all of the data downloaded from the J! archive website and wrote some code to do text parsing on the html pages so that I can get only the data I need, which is the question, the answer, the category, and the dollar amount. I have ran it on a few of the games and have fixed a few minor errors with the script, but I have yet to run it on all of the data.

I started programming some of the graphics using a graphics engine developed by some U of M students called zenilib. It was a pain to get it set up using windows 7, but once I got it running I started studying the code and have a little bit of a grasp on it.  I currently have some of the structure done, I have to work on that a little bit more and work on integrating the structure of the game with the question data.



…more later!

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