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A few new ideas

Just wanted to write these ideas down so that I don’t forget them.

Handheld N64 emulator using Raspberry Pi 

Simple Idea, nothing revolutionary. It would be a fun project to work on while delivering a cool result. Details would have to be hammered out when I start.

Facebook memory App 

The other day on a routine trip to the grocery store I was having a conversation with one of my roommates. I got to telling a story about homecoming that happened Junior year of high school. After I told the story I was hit with an emotion of a mix of sadness and joy. Joy in the fact that I had this great memory and was able to recall it and share it with someone else. Sadness in the fact that there might not be a point in my life where I will remember it, either by the action of forgetting or not being reminded of the memory. This gave me the idea of writing things down, almost like in a diary, but just short little blurbs that would remind you of this thing that you had done in the past. After watching “the social network” movie, I realized that facebook would be a good platform for this type of thing. You could write your ideas in almost a twitter style format, while tagging your friends that were there and documenting the date that it happened. It would be everything that facebook timeline isn’t. It would give the user the ability to add anything to the timeline. I would have to make it so that it is different from a normal status update and would have to learn how to write apps/extensions for facebook.

…more later!

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