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I’m Back!

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I haven’t posted on this in awhile, been busy with school and sports trips that come with being a part of the band that I had to stop working on these for awhile. But alas with summer coming up I am back and ready to get started up again.

At the moment I am currently downloading the entire website. At first I was trying to write my own perl script to do this, but after watching this video, I learned the method that Roger Craig used to download the same website. He downloaded it so that he could study all of the questions and see where he needed to study the most. He currently holds the single game money record for a Jeopardy! game, so obviously his method worked.  I am not downloading it to study for Jeopardy!, but rather to make my game to play against my roommates for fun.

Using graphics and the Wii mote for control are some ideas that I’ve been thinking about and that I don’t think would be that hard to implement and would make the game much better.

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