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New Ideas Round 1

Here are some ideas that I have for new projects and the motivation behind them.

Launching a weather balloon into space to take pictures and possibly gather data. 
I recently applied to an astronautics company for an internship, and while I didn’t get the job it still re-sparked my interest in space. I remember reading about Project Icarus awhile ago and thought it might be something cool to replicate.

Jeopardy style computer game. 
I got a Wii for Christmas, and being the nerd that I am I fell in love with the Jeopardy! game that was made for it. Because me and my roommate play it so much we started running into repeat categories and the game starts to get pointless when we’ve had 50% of the questions already. My idea is to data mine on the J! Archive website  and use that data to make a computer game, possibly using the Wii-motes.

Tactile programming for the iPad.
My idea for this is to make an interactive tool to easily teach the basics of a programming language using a touchscreen interface that would make it easy for beginners to understand the concepts.

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